Wisconsin sucks


Numerous reviews exist about Wisconsin so here is mine.  I'd attempt this on those sites but due to unethical and biased moderation I'd be a fool to think anyone would successfully hear it.  

I grew up in Wisconsin and left after college.  I moved to the west coast and worked in technology for many years but came back to support my spouse. If it wasn't for that I honestly would not be here because the state lacks much and has many annoyances.  

First, this state has extreme climate and isn't suitable for people with sensitive bodies.  Hell it isn't suitable for anyone in my opinion.  In a 24 hour period you'll witness a 20 degree fluctuation up or down.  In addition, the wind is constantly blowing between 10 to 30 mph with gusts as high 40 mph.  I have seen higher gusts but they're not as frequent and occur maybe once a month sometimes more. Anything under 10 mph is rare especially in fall and winter. Humidity and dew also fluctuate a lot along with pollen and ragweed.  This makes allergies, asthma and sinus's a total nightmare. Also, there is something outside of everything I've mentioned which affects your body year round especially in winter.  If I had to guess I'd say it is environmental.  The symptoms feel an awful lot like flu or what bone cancer patients describe. It makes your teeth and body ache bad.  

Second, if you don't have children you will be lonely, alienated and stereotyped in Wisconsin.  People who do stuff in this state make it a point to isolate folks in this category. Wisconsin is huge on raising families so much they seem obsessed (Janesville is the worst).  All business except for bars is modeled around this ideology. Some cities, you can't even find a 9 o'clock movie except on weekends or summer months when kids are out of school.  I also rarely see people in public in their 30's or 40's as they all have kids and act busy. When they aren't doing that they are sleeping a lot especially after football season and march madness.  This state is a huge couch potatoe state meaning they enjoy bundling up and staying indoors.  When I was on west coast or down south I had no trouble meeting people and making new friends. Growing up in Wisconsin and being back here after leaving in comparison difference is like night and day.  It's a lot like moving from Los Angeles to North Pole with a few more people but same amount of activities and a few extra buildings. The atmosphere is gloomy and leaves you freaked or depressed. If you're a consultant or any other profession which allows flexibility to set your hours or work from home you will hate it here.  People will judge and not believe you let alone understand how that life is possible.  They don't comprehend the details of business or technology and those who should (managers, owners, accountants, etc.) are the same way.  Wisconsin consists mostly of small to middle sized business and they almost never hire consultants let alone someone who works like that.  They simply don't have a need for it because of their size and this is why they can't understand it. Such a thing is mostly utilized in state of the art facilities for large corporations which don't exist in this part world (except for a few outdated facilities in Chicago or Detroit). All business is family owned and a nightmare to work for.  It's like a good ol' boy network guilty of nepotism and unfair hiring practices.  If you get on their bad side, which is extremely easy to do they will most certainly blacklist you. People here also carry heavy chips on their shoulders and never forgive.  I figure this is hurting them in many aspects of life but good luck conveying it. They don't listen and many give illusion they care but midway through you realize it's an act.

Atmosphere in Wisconsin frowns upon a lifestyle with flexibility or great pay.  Doctors and lawyers get away with it because they practically kill themselves and work long hours and are needed.  This area in a lot of ways harasses you and encourages you to except a life of mediocrity so you will be like your surroundings.  Perhaps it's jealousy or envy but either way it is very real. Even if you conform and settle you will still be without friends because people only do stuff with families. If they do go out with friends, which is rare it will be with kids they grew up with and probably to a local tavern.  Unfortunately the environment in Wisconsin is designed to push you out by death or moving. I know that sounds sad but it is true.  Trust me I know, I spent years in situations where I was alone on the holidays and no one invited me over for Thanksgiving or anything.  Oddly these same people are volunteering at local soup kitchens and hospice facilities without even considering for a moment what landed the victims there.  I think they're fakes and frauds because they're only volunteering for credit on paper and not doing it for the common good.    

Third, driving in this state is a total nightmare. Not only does this state possess the worst designed roadways but it has the worst drivers.  I'm talking about people who think safety is all about driving extremely slow unaware left turn signal has been on for ten miles.  If they aren't totally dense and dumb they're vindictive and dangerous. Many try to enforce their view point by utilizing their automobile as a weapon.  They'll either hog a lane, swerve at you or speed up so you can't pass. Something else they're notorious for is leaving an extreme amount of space in front. In cities where intersection traffic lights are not synced (as most are in Wisconsin) this is a major problem because it causes unsafe scenarios and bottlenecks. They're also not fanning out and utilizing all lanes.  They'll bunch up in one lane because they're afraid to merge or switch lanes.  It is the most hilarious and idiotic display of driving you will ever witness. All the police do is enforce speeding.  Heck there is a fortune to be made from all the other ridiculous events occurring but like everyone else law enforcement makes no sense.

Fourth, medical in this state is appalling.  From human medicine to veterinary medicine it's extremely messed up.  It's one huge machine of profit and worst in this country. All the medical professionals are in cahoots it's one large clandestine circle of corruption. All of this is suppose to be monitored by state and federal entities who don't do squat!  Gee I wonder why, most the board members WORK IN THIS INDUSTRY! In veterinary medicine you got doctors holding ethical care hostage for the sake of profit and study.  It's nothing short of a lie masquerading as proper care, stamped with the governments seal of approval.  You can practically see it when you develop a few year relationship with a vet. The University of Wisconsin Madison Veterinary program has taken billions over the years from biotech and governments to test on live animals.  I theorize they also do this on a clinical level and use all their cronies throughout the state.  Take time to research the background and educational upbringing of your veterinarian.  I'll bet you nine times out of ten they obtained their education from University of Wisconsin Madison and communicate regularly. I had a difficult time locating a veterinarian throughout the state who didn't attend this alma mater and ones who didn't attended University of Iowa which works closely with them. For the price of an exploratory surgery on a feline at UW you can get a kidney transplantation plus all kinds of follow up at UC Davis (which first started the program on kidneys and are far more experienced).  UW will take your money and act like they don't know what they're doing.  In fact, afterward you'll get a clear demonstration and then your pet will die.  After that they'll still act pompous while behaving like total idiots with no sympathy.  All their reviewers are clinical only or close family and friends.  You got people reviewing themselves in all aspects of business which is nothing short of unethical and pure corruption. With human medicine it is all hmo's and we all know their reputations.  One in particular has someone representing their legal who used to serve as head person for legal at State of Wisconsin on ethics and affairs.  If that isn't conflict of interest or pure corruption I don't know what is! This guy has inside knowledge of stuff at the state level and can literally guide an organization in whatever direction it chooses free of liability. How do I know this, research plain and simple plus a close friend works for one of them.  You'd be amazed just how little and shallow people research things

Lastly, the biggest reason I hate Wisconsin is the people drive me up the wall. All they do is obsess about sports, drinking and family and are the biggest fakes and liars you will ever know. They also sleep all the time and are very obese.  They think it is normal to be this way.  The culture is extremely dysfunctional, backward and old fashioned. People spend a great deal of time backstabbing, stereotyping and gang stalking. It's near impossible to make friends because existing circles are tightly closed and extremely over analytical. Even if you're lucky and they accept you I guarantee you'll hate it and be miserable because they're nothing but opportunists.  When the chips are down and you need them for emotional support they're no where to be found but when they need something you're suppose to drop what you're doing. They only use you or lead you on in case something better comes along and when it does you won't hear from them. You have to constantly watch your possessions and your spouse because moment you turn your back they're right there messing with it.  

Most people here are atheist or agnostic and many are masquerading as the opposite. Religious people who exist are too religious and block out their surroundings or spend all their time trying to convert others. They also believe good medical help is managed care plus no one laughs or has fun unless they're hurting someone physically or mentally.  Without question people in this state are the most uptight and unclassy bunch of assholes and the academically educated folks are worse.  To actually think their is anything intelligent about treating people this way or hurting others is the most idiotic thing imaginable but they do it. 

In conclusion, if you enjoy harsh climate with lots of hunting and don't mind dysfunctional surroundings of an unimaginable level this is your state.  If you prefer a state with warmer climate, bigger cities, wider variety of activities and friendlier people don't come to Wisconsin you'll hate it and possibly go out of your mind.  It is true large cities exist within driving range like Chicago but I think you'll find as I did there is a substantial difference between Los Angeles and Chicago or other cities of comparative size despite sconnies and fibs outspoken and overwhelming denial. Surrounding states are just as messed up with same climate and people but Wisconsin is worse.  These people are pure pond scum and nothing gives them greater pleasure then tricking people into coming here and watching them leave in misery. Five or more years living in this state or its surroundings and I guarantee you will travel at the speed of sound to O'Hare Airport screaming to leave.